Feature films

Carroll Shelby DOC - Chassy Media (Dallas Unit - Sound Mixer)


“Sandra Larson - Animal Intuitive” - Lucky Pickle Media (Sound Mixer)

“Going Nowhere Fast” - TeamFromNowhere (Sound Mixer)


Short FIlms

“The Devil and Tommy Simpson” - TeamFromNowhere (Director of Photography)

"Intent" - Dallas Film Alliance (Director of Photography)

"Find A Penny, Pick It Up" - Dallas FIlm Alliance (Director of Photography)

"The Dead End Road" - 48 Hour FIlm Festival (Director of Photography)

"The Jar" - Prolegomena Productions (Director of Photography)

“Morning After” - 48 Hour Film Festival (Camera Operator)

“Elixir Of Life” - Sojourn Productions (Sound Mixer)

“Apple” - AppleTheShort (2nd Sound Mixer)

“I Hear You Looking” - TAMARIND (Sound Mixer)

“Monstrum” (Sound Mixer)

“Moment After That” - Dallas Film Alliance (Sound Mixer)

“This Present Moment” - Prelude FIlms (Sound Mixer)

"The Spy Who Loved Us" - Maker Table (Sound Mixer)

"Bystander" - Dallas FIlm Alliance (Sound Mixer)


“Pinstack - Wine Down Wednesdays” - CultureMap (Director of Photography)

“Pinstack - Monday Bowl & Bite” - CultureMap (Director of Photography)

“Pinstack - Happy Hour” - CultureMap (Director of Photography)

“Palmieri Cafe” - CultureMap (Director of Photography)

Series Bumper - New Community Church (Director of Photography)

"Security Plus 501" - Rubyx (Director of Photography)

"Social Media 101" - Social Works Co. (Director of Photography)

“Crashing the Sandlot” - T-Mobile & Texas Rangers (Camera Operator)

“Bonton Farms” - CultureMap (Camera Operator)

“Ford - Jake Owen” - MAX (Movi Operator)

“Ford - La Maquinaria Norteña” - MAX (Movi Operator)

“Growth Path” - Gateway Church (Sound Mixer)

NTGD Bumper - Families to Freedom (Sound Mixer)


"Solid Waste Documentary" - City of Mesquite (Director of Photography)

"Diversity and Teamwork" - H.E.B ISD (Director of Photography)

"Campus Tour" - Newman Academy (Director of Photography)

“Luke’s FastBreaks” - Sofia Video Production (Sound Mixer)

“Allied Electronics & Automation” - Sofia Video Production (Sound Mixer)


"Our History" - Corner Theatre (Director of Photography)

"Raising The Bridge: Andrew" - Corner Theatre (Director of Photography)

“Eucharist” - North Texas Catholic (Sound Mixer)


“11 Ravings At Your Window - Holy Roller Baby” - Chalupa Productions (Director of Photography)

“Conferencia Aliento 2019” - Aliento (Camera Operator)

“CDC Interview” - Gracehouse Group (Camera Operator)

“Roundtable Discussion” - The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation (Sound Mixer)

“Living Room Conversations” - America Indivisible (Sound Mixer)

"Love Thy Hood" Podcast - Corner Theatre (Sound Mixer)